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GrinGO is your digital concierge for Mexico travel services & safety resources with features that minimize risk to enhance a positive experience.

Why Choose Us

Committed to Innovation

Our love for traveling south of the border is evident through our vision to create the most convenient and easy-to-use mobile platform with the tourist in mind.

We will continue to bring new ideas, technologies, and partnerships that will encourage travelers to experience ALL that Mexico has to offer. We strive to provide our travel community the right tools and resources at any point during your travels.  Our goal is to bring you peace of mind and feel safe no matter where you venture.  There are no borders when using GrinGO.

Your Travel Safety Comes First!

The GrinGO App was built around the common question “Is it Safe?”  Any time a citizen leaves their home country across international borders, they become vulnerable to new ways of life, laws, and getting access to resources such as healthcare. There are numerous features giving users access to FREE government resources in the case of emergency, crisis, and/or assistance during minor incidents.

A Network of TRUSTED Providers

As you navigate through the app you will discover a network of TRUSTED service providers offering fair market pricing that won’t discriminate on the basis of whether you are a local or foreign tourist. The GrinGO App has considered recommendations from many US Agencies, Industry Partners and its own internal background checks to bring its users service providers you can count on and call Familia.

Bienvenidos & Buen Viaje!

Planning your trip can be stressful, leave your worries behind. You have easy access to book your hotel stay, access or renew a Mexico Auto Insurance Policy, and to transfer money from Dollars (USD) to Pesos (MXN). The GrinGO app is your tour guide for Magical Towns, traditional cuisine dining, catch a show or zipline across the Copper Canyon.  Memories last a lifetime and so the app strives to enhance your Southbound experience abroad with the goal to welcome you back soon.

In-APP Safety Resources

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Behind The App




Robert Krupski oversees the digital implementation of GrinGO products, partners, services and resources. He also manages the company’s IT team.


CEO & Founder

Brian Krupski is responsible for carrying out his vision of minimizing risk for travelers through the mobile access of resources to enhance their experiences abroad.


Vice President of Sales

Neil Morello serves as VP of Sales & Marketing and is the lead for the company’s revenue generation, in addition to building out the company’s business development operations.

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Memories last a lifetime, SAFE travels amigos.

Book Your Trip!

Book Your Trip!

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65% more people use mobile APPs to book their travel.

85% of mobile users say they feel more at ease with apps than mobile websites

64% are using their smartphones in route to their destination

85% of consumers use their phones to book travel activities, including restaurant reservations and sightseeing tours

90% of travelers worldwide say they expect a personalized experience when they travel


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